In a Vase on Monday…or Tuesday

We just flew in from San Diego last night, so I am hoping to be forgiven for this week’s In a Vase on Monday which is offered on Tuesday. I made a commitment to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to make this appearance each and every week, but we spent most of Monday travelling.

It was wonderful waking up this morning and seeing the transformation of my garden. Where there were just smatterings of color when we left a week ago, the new blooms are featured in this week’s vases:


The featured vase includes ‘Tete-a-Tete’ daffodils (which seems to be a widespread favorite of many others), candytuft (Iberis sempervirens), and Muscari armeniacum. The smaller cobalt blue vase is holding Ipheion uniflorum ‘Wisley Blue’ which are blooming abundantly.

IMG_1215                 IMG_1217

Please visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see what she and many others are finding in their gardens at this wonderful time of year. I do hope Cathy will forgive me for being a day late.

About johnvic8

John Viccellio retired after 24 years in the U. S. Navy and began to dig into gardening when he could finally land in one place. He completed the Master Gardener course in 1992 and has since designed and constructed two of his own gardens. He wrote a monthly garden column for ten years and was a regular contributor to Carolina Gardener magazine. John published his first book, Guess What's in My Garden!, in 2014. He lives in Stallings, NC with his wife, in close proximity to six of his eight grandchildren.
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11 Responses to In a Vase on Monday…or Tuesday

  1. pbmgarden says:

    Beautiful little spring treasures. I’ve never grown Ipheion but like it a lot.


  2. johnvic8 says:

    Thanks, Susie. Ipheion is a wonderful little spring bulb. It comes early and doubles or triples every year. Easy to transplant.


  3. Cathy says:

    Lovely little daffodils, and nice to see Candytuft in flower already. My tete-a-tete started opening today too!


  4. Such beautiful flowers this week! I agree that it is wonderful to find the garden slowly filling with flowers, and admire you for making the effort to post a Tuesday vase, John. These last two days we’ve devoted to working out in the garden, with no energy left, it seems, for cutting a few things to bring inside for a vase. Your Tete-a-Tete daffodils scream ‘Happy Springtime!” Ours remain growing in place- admired and photographed, but as yet uncut 😉 Best wishes, WG


  5. Chloris says:

    I particularly like your bunch of Ipheion, mine never flower so profusely. Lovely to be able to pick a whole posy of them.


  6. Cathy says:

    So exciting to see your garden again after time away 🙂 I wonder if there is anyone who wouldn’t find a little vase of flowers like these uplifting…? I feel sorry for them if there is. Love those ipheon, although if Chloris says they don’t flower prolifically for her perhaps they don’t do as well in the UK… Thanks for being so dutiful, John!


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