In a Vase on Monday: ‘Our Linda’

It has been a bit of a challenge to meet my commitment to offer a Vase on Monday today. My rain gauge reads over three and a half inches and it is still raining steadily. Moving about in my garden felt like I was walking on an unwrung sponge, with water standing everywhere. It will take awhile for my clay soil to absorb all this rain…and more is forecast. Because of the steady rain I decided to make just one stop outside, so I headed for the Camellia sasanqua ‘Our Linda,’ now blooming its head off. I must have been a sight trying to juggle the clippers, a container, an umbrella and the cut flowers. All that notwithstanding, here is our offering this week.


My Arranger suggested we display ‘Our Linda’ blossoms in six miniature vases on a green glass plate. There were enough petals left to sprinkle about.

‘Our Linda’ is my first camellia to bloom this fall and was a gift from David Park at Camellia Forest Nursery. I love its delicate pink.


Please visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden this week to see what she and others are sharing.

About johnvic8

John Viccellio retired after 24 years in the U. S. Navy and began to dig into gardening when he could finally land in one place. He completed the Master Gardener course in 1992 and has since designed and constructed two of his own gardens. He wrote a monthly garden column for ten years and was a regular contributor to Carolina Gardener magazine. John published his first book, Guess What's in My Garden!, in 2014. He lives in Stallings, NC with his wife, in close proximity to six of his eight grandchildren.
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16 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: ‘Our Linda’

  1. Cathy says:

    That’s a lot of rain, John! At least these lovely camellias don’t seem to have suffered – thanks for sharing

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  2. FlowerAlley says:

    Your arranger is an artist. Thanks for braving the rain to post this.


  3. Oh boy, I gotta have one of these.


  4. pbmgarden says:

    These are just beautiful John–nice rich color. Raining here as well…


  5. Beautiful camellias.

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  6. Cathy says:

    Beautiful, and worth the effort I would say. Especially pretty with the raindrops still on them.


  7. Christina says:

    ‘Our Linda’ is a lovely Camellia, I don’t really like the ones with too many petals but this has a beautiful open form. Wow! That is a lot of rain all at one time. How much rain do you get in an average year?


  8. Gorgeous! What a lovely Camellia! We are enjoying the Camellias so much this month. They are covered with so many buds, and some new ones are blooming prolifically for the first time. That is an ingenious way to display each blossom so it may be fully appreciated and not crushed. your arranger has a special gift for showing off your flowers to advantage. A great team effort! More rain on the way, John, for us at least…. and I would guess for you as well this weekend. But it is so much better than not enough! Cheers! WG


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