In a Vase on Monday: Study in White

“White” is happening in our garden this week, so it seemed appropriate that we offer a “Study in White” for this week’s vase. The ‘Immortality’ bearded iris bed is loaded with blooms in various stages and takes center stage in the arrangement.


The small shrub Deutzia gracilis ‘Chardonnay Pearl’ is in full bloom and was selected as the filler.


My Arranger elected to use the Japanese Kenzan vase once again for this simple presentation.






About johnvic8

John Viccellio retired after 24 years in the U. S. Navy and began to dig into gardening when he could finally land in one place. He completed the Master Gardener course in 1992 and has since designed and constructed two of his own gardens. He wrote a monthly garden column for ten years and was a regular contributor to Carolina Gardener magazine. John published his first book, Guess What's in My Garden!, in 2014. He lives in a retirement community in Matthews, NC.
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30 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: Study in White

  1. Deutzia – thank you for reminding me – I must get some.
    Such a beautiful ‘Vase’, those iris are so generous and fullsome – beautiful!


  2. FlowerAlley says:

    THIS is soooo lovely. You know how I love white flowers. “Like White ” was the first post of mine that you commented on.


  3. I love a white vase….my white garden is flowering beautifully and I was thinking of using the blooms to make a white vase soon! Of course it will not be as lovely as your Japanese Kenzan vase.


  4. Lindy Le Coq says:

    On my walk this morning I too selected Deutzia and almost clipped my white iris! Instead I’ve chosen some peony and a rose. Will post it soon!


  5. Cathy says:

    Your Arranger has done it again – the pair of you make such a good team too! A very lovely study in white


    • johnvic8 says:

      Thanks, Cathy. You must be getting close to the countdown to the wedding. Will be hoping all goes well, the bride and groom are dutifully married in front of God, family, and friends, and that you eventually will get a bit of rest.

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  6. Amy says:

    Anther elegant, beautiful arragement! Love it 🙂


  7. bittster says:

    Such a pristine arrangement, I love the simplicity and it’s definitely a case of less is more.


  8. Annette says:

    Very elegant and pure, well done 🙂


  9. Cathy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Such a beautiful iris, and a very lovely arrangement.

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  10. pbmgarden says:

    These lovely white flowers are shown to perfection.

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  11. Very beautiful. I do love the white arrangements with the Deutzia.


    • johnvic8 says:

      Thank you, Donna. I had not planted deutzia before this garden but have been pleased with it here. It suffered a bit from a late frost, but enough was available for the arrangement.


  12. Cathy says:

    So very beautiful John. Hats off again to you and the Arranger!


  13. athling2001 says:

    Beautiful flowers!


  14. Leya says:

    I love white flowers – these are elegantly arranged as well!


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