A Saturday Walk in the Garden

After a very welcome rainy week, I took a casual Walk in the Garden on this sunny Saturday morning. The new blooms of several plants create a new picture. Let me share views of three of the borders in our back garden.

About johnvic8

John Viccellio retired after 24 years in the U. S. Navy and began to dig into gardening when he could finally land in one place. He completed the Master Gardener course in 1992 and has since designed and constructed two of his own gardens. He wrote a monthly garden column for ten years and was a regular contributor to Carolina Gardener magazine. John published his first book, Guess What's in My Garden!, in 2014. He lives in Stallings, NC with his wife, in close proximity to six of his eight grandchildren.
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23 Responses to A Saturday Walk in the Garden

  1. johnvic8 says:

    Thank you, Cynthia. I’m glad you enjoyed.


  2. Barbara Speir says:

    John, your garden is so beautiful. I wish it could be transported into town for our garden tour in April. Thanks for sharing the beauty via photos.


  3. anne leueen says:

    How lovely! I see you have a trellis with clematis (?) growing up it in the first photo. We have just been thinking of doing that in our back garden where we had to take out a small tree. Yours looks very nice. Thank you.


  4. anne leueen says:

    I expanded the photo and see it is not a clematis or at least I don’t think it is. But it does look very nice whatever it is.

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  5. Absolutely stunning.


  6. bittster says:

    It looks beautiful, everything looks so lush and colorful. What a great time of year to be in the garden!


  7. arlene says:

    You have a lovely garden. I love the flowers.


  8. DailyMusings says:

    What a welcome sight for the eyes! Just beautiful. I especially love that Hydrangea- mine is just beginning to bloom here in NJ


  9. Alba says:

    Very pretty 🙂


  10. Looking good! Are those roses on the tuteur? And Phlox ‘David’?


    • johnvic8 says:

      The vine is an annual mandevilla. I plant a new one each year…get them at Home Depot. This one has a smaller bloom than ones I’ve planted previously, and I am liking it. Yes, it is the white phlox David.

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  11. Christina says:

    Is that another smaller Vitex I can see? I’m feeling really pleased because on Friday I went to a plant show and found a blue Vitex – I’ve never seen one here before!! Now just to decide where to plant it!


    • johnvic8 says:

      I’m glad you have found the blue vitex. The one in the photo is a named cultivar, Shoal Creek, which is different from the heirloom one I showed a few days ago. It really isn’t shorter; I just pruned it a bit lower and it receivs not quite the same about of sun. Without pruning I suspect it would be about twice as tall.

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  12. gardenzone1 says:

    Looking very nice! Thanks for sharing your great experience.


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