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A Garden Review of 2014: October-December

Here at the end of the year is the final chapter of A Garden Review of 2014. Thanks (and a very Happy New Year) to Cathy at WordsandHerbs for initiating this idea for sharing the key events/plants in our garden in quarterly reviews during … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: A Look at Lantana

During my walk in the garden this morning…in a light drizzle…I couldn’t help but notice the several lantanas that we have in our pots. There are at least five cultivars, only two of which have I retained their names, ‘Chapel … Continue reading

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Hostas in a Pot

It is a rare gardener in this part of North Carolina that doesn’t plant hostas, and I am definitely not one of those rare ones. In fact, one might just call me a hosta junkie. Witness the several dozen hostas that I … Continue reading

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I love to discover new plants, “discover” in the sense that I see a plant at a garden center or in someone’s garden for the first time and decide that it must find a place in my own garden. Such … Continue reading

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My passion for tennis is almost as strong as the passion I have for gardening. When not outside in our garden, my wife and I enjoy time on the tennis court. We found that over time we were left with a large supply of … Continue reading

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