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The Persistent Wren III

I am saddened to report that last night a nefarious critter raided our wren’s nest, turned over the pitcher in which she had labored so diligently to build a nest for her young, and made off with the contents. Missing were … Continue reading

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Up Jumped Johnny

The first of this spring’s crop of Johnny Jump-ups (Viola Tricolor) has started to bloom. I am a bit perplexed to explain how it made its way into a pot, a good 12 inches above the ground. I never planted … Continue reading

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Forest Surprise

Our woods are loaded with oaks, maples, hickories, sweet gums, tulip poplars, wild cherries, and the occasional sassafras. When fall came and they dropped their leaves, I once again was aware that the woods are full of another deciduous tree…and … Continue reading

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