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A Photo a Week Challenge: ATTITUDE

Nancy Merrill has challenged us this week to share a subject showing off an “attitude.” Attitude, in this context, usually means something like, “Don’t mess with me. I have my opinion and that’s it.” I think most folks will look … Continue reading

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And ANOTHER Uninvited Guest???

First thing this morning my Arranger called me to come quickly to see what was in the garden. I had to take the picture through the screen (forgive the lines). She looked at me…brazenly… for a minute or so and then nonchalantly … Continue reading

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A Luxury Food Emporium

I am trying hard not to get discouraged. The deer and rabbits apparently think they have found the area’s finest food emporium. They are playing havoc with many of the plants in my garden, but I must admit to being … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Callas

Several years ago we hosted a ceremony in our garden for the Renewal of Marriage Vows by our dear friends, Gina and John. They gave us a pot of calla lilies as a thank you, and my Arranger and I remember … Continue reading

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I mentioned Hearts-a-Bustin’ in my 29 August post A Walk in the Woods. Today I took another walk in our woods and found that the Hearts-a-Bustin’ are indeed in various stages of blooming, opening up, and dropping seeds. This native plant, also known as … Continue reading

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Hostas in a Pot

It is a rare gardener in this part of North Carolina that doesn’t plant hostas, and I am definitely not one of those rare ones. In fact, one might just call me a hosta junkie. Witness the several dozen hostas that I … Continue reading

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A Week for Wildlife

Last winter our garden was declared a Certified Wildlife Habitat, and this week’s interesting activities certainly added strong evidence for that declaration. This morning, while strolling through the garden with my morning cup of coffee, I chanced upon a Carolina wren … Continue reading

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